Sex Addiction: Myth or Reality? – Dr Thaddeus Birchard


Date: September 19th 2021
Location: Live via Zoom*
Time: 11:30am – 6:30pm GMT (+1) / 6:30am – 1:30pm EDT / 3:30am – 10:30am PDT
CPD/CE credits: 6
Speaker: Dr Thaddeus Birchard
Price: £99 GBP / $130 USD

*This training will be recorded. The link to the recording will be made available for 90 days following the live event.

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The CPD/CE credits awarded can be used towards your declaration to any governing regulatory body in your state or country, provided the content is relevant to your discipline.

Course Description:

The day will be divided into four sections. Part I will include definitions and descriptions of the behaviour. It will draw out the parallels to psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This section will explore aetiology and the neuroscience of compulsive sexual behaviour. The history of the notion of sex addiction is covered. The etymology of addiction and associated words will be explored.

The second two parts of the day will cover treatment interventions. In the last part of the day, time will be given to the connection between compulsive sexual behaviour and paraphilias. Our outcome studies will be explained and we will take a close look at group work as the most important delivery method to effective treatment. Finally, we will look at the criticisms of the sex addiction model.

The programme will include experiential exercises. The main thrust is to give psychotherapists actionable interventions as well as an overall treatment plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of the neuroscience that lies behind compulsive sexual behaviour.
  • An awareness of the how this behaviour is presented in individual therapy.
  • Full grasp of the treatment interventions that can be used in individual work or in group work.
  • Recognising the archetypal parts which the client brings into the space and exploring those with the client to bring awareness to metaphor
  • Knowledge of how and when the sexual template is setup in the brain.
  • Awareness of the principal reservations and critiques of the concept of sexual addiction.

Speaker Information

Dr Thaddeus Birchard

I have worked in the field for over twenty years. The treatment programme was created for compulsive sexual behaviour as the main content of the doctoral research. It is a programme of behavioural change. I have an MSc in Psychosexual Therapy and a doctorate in Psychotherapy. I founded the British based Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity. Until the lockdown, I founded and ran a clinic in Marylebone.

Three books have been written about compulsive sexual behaviour:

CBT for Compulsive Sexual Behaviour: A Guide for Professionals [2015]
Overcoming Sex Addiction: A Self Help Guide [2017]
International Handbook of Sex Addiction [2017]

These were all published by Routledge. Co-editor of the International Handbook.

I have a contract with Routledge for another book, the working title is Sex, Religion and Shame. The manuscript is due at the end of December 2022.

Prior to my work in psychotherapy, I was in parish ministry.

Academic Qualifications:
BA Sociology/Anthropology – University of New Orleans
Pg Dip Theology – University of Nottingham
Pg Dip CBT – University of East London
MSc Psychosexual Therapy – London South Bank University
DPsych – Middlesex University and the Metanoia Institute

Expert Witness – University of Central Lancaster

Professional Associations:
BABCP Accredited
COSRT Professional Associate
ATSAC Founder and Accredited

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