The work and training of a practitioner clinician is never complete. A very wise social worker in the USA once said; “the more you learn in this field the more you realise how much you still don’t know.”(Ken Bacon, Antioch New England Graduate School, New Hampshire, 1996). So, it is on that premise that regulatory and licensing bodies initiated Continuing Professional Development (CDP). It is an essential tool in ensuring psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, addictions counsellors etc are privy to the new trends and developments in their respective fields.

What does CPD mean, and more importantly what does it entail? It represents the holistic progression of pursuing and documenting the proficiencies, competencies, knowledge and experience that one achieves both officially and informally as one works beyond their initial professional education and training.

It’s a documentation and verification of what you experience, acquired knowledge and then the application into practice. It’s the accumulation of skills and proficiency during a clinician’s career. As trained clinicians develop through their careers it is not unusual for many of them to develop specialist areas of working. For example, a generic addictions counsellor may wish to specialise in treating complex opioid addictions only, or certain psychotherapists may wish to specialise in treating victims of trauma and require learning new treatment techniques like EMDR.

We provide seminars and trainings led by world class facilitators that enable a practitioner to participate in engaging proactive workshops. Our CPD accredited courses organise distinctive methodologies in acquiring knowledge, such as trainings, seminars, webinars, webcasts, workshops, best practice systems and concepts sharing, all motivated for a professional therapist to advance and have effectual professional development.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has attained the necessary Continuing Professional Development paradigms and benchmarks. The learning significance has been scrutinised to confirm integrity and excellence. All Essential Therapy Training’s reach this high standard.

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